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Barrel Cactus

Barrel Cactus are found in the deserts of Southwestern North America. Barrel cacti of some species easily reach over 1 metre in height at maturity. Flowers appear at the top of the plant only after many years. Barrel cactus buds typically start to bloom in April with a bright yellow or orange flower. The flowers only appear on the very top of the plant.

As the flowers wilt away, small pineapple-shaped greenish fruit may form. Native Americans collected the fruit as emergency food during extreme drought conditions. Barrel Cactus puncture to human skin from one of the spines is considered a ‘dirty wound’. If the puncture is deep enough to draw blood. Barrel cactus plants are one of the most dangerous cacti to humans in the desert.

Author: Drew Avery

License: CC BY 2.0 (Modify, share, and use commercially)
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