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WOE93 Mariana Fruit Bat Picture

WOE93 Mariana Fruit Bat

(Pteropus mariannus mariannus)

Mariana fruit bats live in colonies ranging from a few individuals to more than 800 and group themselves into harems (1 male with 2-15 females) or bachelor groups consisting primarily of males. The bat colonies sleep during the day, but they perform many other activities as well such as grooming, breeding, scent-rubbing, marking, flying, climbing to other roost spots, and defending roosting territories (harem males only). Bats gradually depart colonies for several hours after sunset to forage. (ELECTRONIC IMAGE ONLY) no slide available.

Author: Janeke, Dustin/USFWS

License: Public Domain Mark 1.0 (Public domain)
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15th September 2015
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