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Labrisomid Blenny Photos (5)Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Photos (2)Lake Photos (28)Lake Sturgeon Photos (4)
Lake Trout Photos (15)Lamprey Photos (3)Lancer Dragonet Photos (1)Lancetfish Photos (5)
Landmark Photos (10)Landscape & Nature Photos (1937)Lane snapper Photos (2)Lantern Bass Photos (3)
Lantern Shark Photos (31)Lanternfish Photos (29)Lapland Longspur Photos (10)Large-Tooth Flounder Photos (5)
Largemouth Bass Photos (5)Lark Photos (3)Latticed Sandperch Photos (1)Laughing Gull Photos (20)
Laughing Owl Photos (3)Lava Heron Photos (1)Laysan Albatross Photos (26)Laysan Duck Photos (4)
Laysan Finch Photos (4)Leach's Storm-Petrel Photos (1)Leaf Scorpionfish Photos (4)Leaf-Nose Leg Skate Photos (1)
Least Auklet Photos (22)Least Chipmunk Photos (3)Least Puffer Photos (1)Least Sandpiper Photos (5)
Least Tern Photos (6)Leatherback Sea Turtle Photos (8)Lefteye flounder Photos (13)Lenok Photos (1)
Leopard Photos (13)Leopard Seal Photos (15)Leopard Toadfish Photos (1)Leopard Tortoise Photos (1)
Lesser Amberjack Photos (1)Lesser Goldfinch Photos (3)Lesser Scaup Photos (8)Lesser Yellowlegs Photos (3)
Lestrolepis Intermedia Photos (4)Lewis' Woopecker Photos (1)Life Science Photos (193)Lifeboat Photos (19)
Light-Mantled Albatross Photos (3)Lightfish Photos (2)Lighthouse Photos (512)Lightnose Skate Photos (1)
Lilac-Breasted Roller Photos (1)Ling Fish Photos (2)Lingcod Photos (15)Lion Photos (68)
Lion's Mane Jellyfish Photos (2)Lionfish Photos (53)Little Blue Heron Photos (2)Little Pied Cormorant Photos (1)
Live sharksucker Photos (6)Lizardfish Photos (34)Loach Minnow Photos (1)Log House Photos (97)
Loggerhead Sea Turtle Photos (26)Loggerhead Shrike Photos (4)Long Billed Curlew Photos (7)Long Finned Pilot Whale Photos (1)
Long Tailed Macaque Monkey Photos (15)Long-Billed Dowitcher Photos (10)Long-Eared Owl Photos (1)Long-Nosed Chimaera Photos (5)
Long-Spined Porcupinefish Photos (6)Long-Tailed Duck Photos (9)Long-Tailed Fiscal Photos (1)Long-Tailed Skua Photos (5)
Longear Sunfish Photos (1)Longfin batfish Photos (2)Longfin Boarfish Photos (1)Longfin damselfish Photos (4)
Longfin Escolar Photos (2)Longfin Hake Photos (28)Longfin Scorpionfish Photos (3)Longjaw squirrelfish Photos (2)
Longnose Batfish Photos (1)Longnose butterflyfish Photos (8)Longnose Gar Photos (1)Longnose Hawkfish Photos (1)
Longnose Skate Photos (7)Longnose Sucker Photos (2)Longsnout Blacksmelt Photos (1)Longsnout Flathead Photos (2)
Longspine Porgy Photos (1)Longspine squirrelfish Photos (8)Longspur And Snow Bunting Photos (25)Longtail Bass Photos (2)
Longwing Spinyfin Photos (1)Loon Bird Photos (38)Louisiana Black Bear Photos (6)Lounge Photos (5)
Luminous Lanternfish Photos (1)Lynx Photos (7)Labridae Photos (108)Labrisomidae Photos (5)
Labroides Photos (8)Labroides dimidiatus Photos (4)Labroides phthirophagus Photos (1)Labrus mixtus Photos (1)
Lachnolaimus Maximus Photos (9)Lactophrys Bicaudalis Photos (3)Lactophrys Trigonus Photos (2)Lactophrys Triqueter Photos (10)
Laemonema Barbatulum Photos (1)Lagenorhynchus Cruciger Photos (2)Lagenorhynchus Obliquidens Photos (3)Lagenorhynchus Obscurus Photos (55)
Lagopus Photos (42)Lagopus Lagopus Photos (19)Lagopus Muta Photos (19)Lagopus Rupestris Photos (19)
Lake Herring Photos (1)Lakes Photos (28)Lammergeier Photos (5)Lamna Ditropis Photos (4)
Lamna Nasus Photos (1)Lamnidae Photos (20)Lampadena Luminosa Photos (1)Lampocteis cruentiventer Photos (3)
Lamprey Eels Photos (3)Laniidae Photos (8)Lanius Cabanisi Photos (1)Lanius Excubitor Photos (2)
Lanius Excubitoroides Photos (1)Lanius Ludovicianus Photos (4)Lapland Bunting Photos (10)Lapland Owl Photos (18)
Lappet-Faced Vulture Photos (1)Larga Photos (22)Large Egret Photos (48)Large Seas Photos (1)
Largha Photos (22)Laridae Photos (335)Larosterna Inca Photos (4)Larus Argentatus Photos (7)
Larus Californicus Photos (50)Larus Canus Photos (9)Larus Delawarensis Photos (2)Larus Dominicanus Photos (1)
Larus Heermanni Photos (4)Larus Hyperboreus Photos (31)Larus Marinus Photos (3)Larus Michahellis Photos (2)
Larus Occidentalis Photos (9)Larus Schistisagus Photos (1)Laughing Hyena Photos (21)Lavaret Photos (6)
Leach's Petrel Photos (1)Least Cisco Photos (5)Least Terns Photos (6)Leatherback Turtle Photos (8)
Leatherjackets Photos (24)Leathery Turtle Photos (8)Leg skates Photos (1)Lemonfish Photos (28)
Leopardus Pardalis Photos (1)Lepidochelys Photos (7)Lepidochelys Kempii Photos (6)Lepidonotothen Nudifrons Photos (1)
Lepidopsetta Bilineata Photos (2)Lepisosteidae Photos (6)Lepisosteus Oculatus Photos (3)Lepisosteus Osseus Photos (1)
Lepisosteus Platostomus Photos (1)Lepomis Auritus Photos (1)Lepomis cyanellus Photos (1)Lepomis Gibbosus Photos (2)
Lepomis gulosus Photos (1)Lepomis Humilis Photos (1)Lepomis Megalotis Photos (1)Lepomis Microlophus Photos (2)
Lepomis Punctatus Photos (1)Leptailurus Serval Photos (1)Leptonychotes Weddellii Photos (24)Leptoptilos Crumeniferus Photos (1)
Leptotila Verreauxi Photos (2)Lepus Photos (8)Lepus & Oryctolagus Cuniculus Photos (2)Lepus Arcticus Photos (1)
Lepus Californicus Photos (2)Lepus Californicus Photos (2)Lepus Townsendii Photos (1)Lesser Rorqual Photos (9)
Lesser Sheathbill Photos (1)Lestidium Atlanticum Photos (3)Lethrinidae Photos (12)Lethrinus Microdon Photos (1)
Lethrinus Miniatus Photos (1)Leuciscinae Photos (1)Leuconotopicus Albolarvatus Photos (2)Leuconotopicus Borealis Photos (10)
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